Dr. Thomas reading to a group of children

Dr. Bruce R. Thomas is the superintendent for District 318. Dr. Thomas brings nearly 40 years of experience in education as teacher, principal, and administrator, including almost 20 years as a Superintendent in districts across Minnesota.

Dr. Thomas grew up in Marble, graduated from Greenway and attended ICC, the University of Minnesota, the University of Wisconsin and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He started out his career teaching accounting and economics at Stevens Point, WI and then moved to Rochester and then to Cottage Grove.

While at Cottage Grove, he took on his first principal position and began his post graduate work. After completing his graduate work, Dr. Thomas was hired as superintendent in Wheaton and worked there for 6 years. Then he became superintendent in Worthington where he worked for seven years, and then he moved to St. Cloud where he served for five years until he qualified for the ‘rule of 90’ and retired. After he retired from St. Cloud, he served as a vice president for Edison in New York for three yearsFor the past couple of years, Dr. Thomas has filled the position of interim superintendent at Caladonia Schools.

Dr. Thomas feels with District 318, he has found a school system, which is serious about student achievement.  He is committed to using his experiences as an educational leader to move the district toward a common goal – student success.  

To contact Dr. Thomas call 218-327-5704 or email .