The 2018 School Board plan includes two new neighborhood elementary schools in Grand Rapids, a renovated and expanded Cohasset school, and major improvements to activity and athletic facilities in Bigfork and throughout the district.

The 2018 School Board Plan benefits the entire community:
  • Elementary students would get increased access to 21st-century education: enough of the right space for our district's dedicated teachers to fully implement learning methods to help all children reach their potential, more and better use of technology in the classroom, the right support space for children who need extra individualized help to succeed. Learn more.
  • More of the district's youngest children would have access to early childhood education. Right now only a quarter of all eligible 3-5-year-olds - far lower than in Greenway and other neighboring districts - are enrolled in these programs that are shown to have positive lifelong benefits. Learn more.
  • All community residents would gain greater access to community education space and improved athletic facilities throughout the district. Learn more.
For the owner of a home valued at $150,000, these improvements are calculated at $8.30 per month. Find your tax impact with our tax calculator.

The 2018 School Board plan costs less than the 2015 plan - and local residents get more.